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Custom Fishing Tackle Programs


CASTALIA OUTDOORS (CASTA′LIA) is a worldwide supplier of private label services for custom fishing tackle and related accessories. For more than 30 years our CO network has developed custom tackle programs for clients around the world. Our client relationships are strictly confidential, if you are in the fishing tackle trade, or would like to be, we can develop the perfect program for you.

We develop Custom Tackle Programs for manufacturers, distributors, retailers, dealers and individual inventors. Not just a sourcing for manufacturing, Castalia Outdoors can provide a host of services for your next custom tackle project. Our services can help you through from start-to-finish and include; market research, patent and trademark research, component sourcing, social and traditional marketing, product engineering & design, value-added production, logistics, inventory and world-wide distribution planning.

Our commitment to excellence in fishing is backed by more than 100 years of personal experience in the fishing industry by our firm’s top personnel. We have experience with the industry’s leaders in markets all over the world and can assist you no matter what segment you specialize in or the size or location of your organization.

Multi-Language Support Staff • Product/Packaging Design • Full-time Worldwide Sourcing Department • Logistics Services • Financing Services • Sales & Marketing Assistance • U.S. & Europe Distribution Consultation • 6-step Product Quality Assurance Program • Import, Inventory, Storage and Delivery Services